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Search Tips:

  • Search Operators: let you connect multiple words together into a single search statement.
  • Field-Restricted Searches: help you search for articles using specific infromation.
  • Field Names List: for using with Field-Restriced Searches and sample use.

    Search Operators:

    Following is a list of Search Operators and brief descriptions of how they will help you build a search.

    Operator   Sample Use   Find articles containing ... 

    AND internet AND programming   internet and programming in the same article.
    OR internet OR programming   internet or programming, or both, anywhere in the entire article.
    NOT internet AND NOT programming    internet but not programming.
    NEAR internet NEAR/3 programming   internet occurs within 3 words near programming.
    ADJ internet ADJ programming   programming appears immediately after internet.
    W/n internet W/3 programming   programming occurs within 3 words after internet.
    ? int??net   matches internet, intranet...
    * inter*   matches inter, internet, international...
    + program+   matches program, programmed, programming, programmer...
    # program#   matches program, but not programmed, programming, programmer...


  • ADJ is a default Query Operator.
    For example: internet programming would be the same as internet ADJ programming
  • Query-Time Stemming is turned off. Use + to force a search for all variants of a query term.
    For example: program would be the same as program#.

    Field-Restricted Searches:

    Field restriction operator for a single word in the query; specifiesthat the word before the colon is to be searched only against field.
    Example: smith:author specifies that the author field is to be searched for the query word smith.
    field1, field2...Field restriction operator for the entire query; specifies that the entire query is to be searched against fields.
    Example: kirk douglas/F:text, author, title specifies that kirk and/or douglas need to be in either the text, author, or the title field for the record to be retrieved.
    Numeric match operator; specifies that field must exactly match num, where num is a non-negative number.
    Example: year=1982 requires the contents of the year field to contain 1982.

    Field Names List:

    Fields help you search for articles using specific information, such as an author or a company name. The list below highlights the most frequency used fields.

    These are the fields and what they can help you find.         Sample Use

    FILENAME  Digital Object File  (Prakeaw_Temple.gif):FILENAME 
    MAINT  Article Title   (Unseen):TITLE 
    TITLE_ALTER  Title Alternative  (Prakeaw Temple):TITLE_ALTER 
    CREATOR  Creator  (K.Tongake):CREATOR
    SUBJECT  Subject  (Prakeaw Temple):SUBJECT 
    DESCRIPTIONDescription  (Emerald buddha):DESCRIPTION
    CONTRIBUTOR  Contributor  (K.Laddawan):CONTRIBUTOR 
    PUBLISHER  Publisher Name  (Magaret P.Roger):PUBLISHER 
    DATE_CREATEDDate Created of Documents(20010421):DATE_CREATED 
    DATE_ISSUEDDate Issued of Documents(20010421):DATE_ISSUED 
    DATE_MODIFIEDDate Modified of Documents(20010421):DATE_MODIFIED
    TYPE  Type  (Image):TYPE 
    FORMAT  Format  (GIF):FORMAT 
    IDENTIFIER  Identifier(http://www.geocity.com):IDENTIFIER
    SOURCE  Source (History Book):SOURCE
    LANGUAGE  Language  (tha):LANGUAGE 
    RELATION  Relation  (Fortunesiam Webmaster):RELATION 
    COVERAGE  Converge  (Bangkok Thailand.):COVERAGE 
    RIGHTS  Copy Rights(Copy Right by web master.):RIGHTS 
    ANNOTATION  Annotation  (Dr. Aung No):ANNOTATION 
    THESIS_DNAMEDegree Name(Sciences):THESIS_DNAME
    THESIS_LEVELDegree Level(Bachelor Degree):THESIS_LEVEL
    THESIS_DESCDegree Discipline(Mathematics):THESIS_DESC
    THESIS_GRANTDegree Grantor(Bangkok University):THESIS_GRANT 
    CONTENT  Full Text  (Temple):CONTENT